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Imagine being able to work the whole of your baby's body through the feet!

Help enhance their well-being, encourage relaxation all without having to get them undressed.

mama and baby

This six week course is run both through the Kāpiti Women's Centre (face to face) and online. It shows you the basics of reflexology for infants and provides information on the importance of nurturing touch while covering routines you can use easily at home. Baby Reflexology is a great way to connect with baby, help their well-being and support their constantly changing bodily functions without having to get them undressed! It is also great for connecting with older children too as the routines learnt can be used on any age.

Learn how you can use reflexology to help with common infant issues, like tummy pain, in a nurturing way.  Six different routines are covered over the six weeks. Course suitable for infants up to 1 year old and routines suitable for all ages, right up into adulthood. I teach using a doll while you massage your baby.


What are the Benefits of Baby Reflexology?

- Relaxation for parent and child

- Ability to 'work' the whole body without getting baby undressed each time.

- Helps emotional development through bonding

- May ease discomfort from painful gas, colic and reflux

- Assists healthy circulation and bodily function


What you can expect:

- A welcoming environment of trust, respect and understanding

- 6 weekly sessions of 1-1.5 hours long with yummy morning teas (face to face)

- Learn 6 different 'routines' you can use with baby

- Each week we focus on a different body system and how to use reflexology for different issues

baby feet

Cost: Kāpiti Women's Centre face to face group courses $15 for all six weeks

Online course with practical zoom meeting/video $15 per session or $80 for all six weeks if paid prior to start

Email me to find out when the next course starts