Helping busy people find more balance & less stress

Bach Flower Remedies are a wonderful natural way to assist your journey to Becoming Healthy. They work on an energetic level to help bring balance to emotions you are feeling.

They have no known side effects and can be used by all ages. They were created by Dr Edward Bach over 80 years ago and still remain an effective and positive homeopathic tool in healing.

This is for a treatment bottle only (for consultations see Stress- Less Life Consultations) with up to 7 remedies along with affirmations based on your needs.

bach flowers

Either let me know the remedies you require or follow our FREE online questionnaire to find the remedies that suit you all from the comfort of home.  Begin Diagnosis Questionnaire now.

If you wish to learn more about Bach Flowers then please check out my e-book 'Finding Calm and Balance' on Smashwords or Amazon.

Just e-mail me to order your treatment bottle for $30 NZD

Please be aware that when selecting your own remedies if you find no change in your emotional well-being it may be due to incorrect remedies being selected. A full consultation may be needed to question further and find the correct remedies for you. Please e-mail me to book at full Bach Flower consultation.