Supporting you Becoming Healthy

Do you want to create a Vivacious You?

Do you want to feel happy, healthy, fit and free in your body?

Healthy Body consultations will help you becoming healthy, feel great and feel confident in the body you have. Sessions focus on helping you create the body you want and the confidence to enjoy it.

No quick fixes sorry, no gimmicks, no diet plans to follow. Instead we will work together to break down old habits, understand your body, find foods that suit your body and lifestyle and clear blocks you may have to achieving your goals.

Together we will help you find the way forward which is specific to you and which you can live with everyday for the rest of your life. While these consultations incorporate Weight Loss, the real aim of these consultations is about creating a healthy body and greater confidence in your appearance. I focus on the whole picture and use a range of tools and techniques (which you can then use at home in your own time and space) so that you are left feeling radiant, healthy and ready to jump into life.

These consultations can be online or in our rooms in Kapiti.

Just e-mail me to book your sessions.

healthy body


Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hours) =$70

Second and subsequent consultations (30 mins) = $30