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Thank you for being part of the recent 'Reflexology' course.

Just a reminder that as an introductory course this only supports you working on yourself, close friends & family. If you wish to complete a comprehensive training course, so you can charge, then contact Cathy Caldwell (Reflexology Manawatu).

Here are some links for aspects of the course which we covered.

If you haven't been on the course and would like to then please contact me or the Kāpiti Women's Centre for more information.

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- About Reflexology

- Power of Reflexology article

- Reflexology treatment Part 1: Greet the feet / Opening Moves

- Reflexology treatment Part 2: Working the body through the feet (Use Greet the feet/Opening Moves first )

- Reflexology treatment Part 3: Finishing Moves

- Self Care hand reflexology routine

- Mini Hand reflexology for cold and flu

- Mini Hand reflexology routine for stress

- Managing CFS with reflexology

- What does the research say about reflexology?

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