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Do you want a loving and respectful way to connect with your baby?

Do you want natural ways to find relaxation?

Come and learn how to massage your infant (up to 12 months) with this amazing 5 week programme which guides you and your baby through the process of learning a full body infant massage. This International Association of Infant Massage course is a combination of Indian and Swedish Massage Strokes, reflexology and gentle Yoga moves.

What are the Benefits of Infant Massage?

- Relaxation for parent & child
- Promotes better sleep patterns
- Helps emotional development through bonding
- May ease discomfort from painful gas, colic & reflux
- Assists healthy circulation & bodily function

What you can expect:

- A welcoming environment of trust, respect & understanding
- 5 weekly sessions of 1-1.5 hours long with yummy morning teas
- Each week slowly building up to a full body massage

infant massage

What parents say:

- 'By massaging my baby after her bath in the evening I've notice an improvement in mood.'

- 'Baby is more calm and used to touch without clothes now.'

- 'Our baby is more relaxed and less windy. It was great being close with baby while just being there in the moment.'

- 'He loves the interaction and it has been something nice to do at home.'


These classes are run in Kapiti twice a year and at other centres throughout New Zealand depending on demand.

Just e-mail me to find out more.


Early bird price for 5 week group course (paid at least a week prior to start of the course) = $80

Regular price for 5 week group course (paid in the week before the course or on the day) = $100

Private Classes in your home = $50 each session or $200 for 5 sessions if paid prior to the first session