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I did the massage course with my daughter when she was 3 months old. It was a great opportunity to bond with my daughter, whilst also meeting other mums at a similar stage to us. Yossarian created a safe, warm and supportive environment for us to learn different massage techniques, which have now become a big part of our night routine all these months later! I would recommend the course to any mum - I really looked forward to the class every week and am still in touch with many of the mums I met there. Thanks Yossarian! 

C R (Kapiti)


I came to Becoming Healthy seeking treatment for chronic long term pain in my left shoulder and neck. I underwent (weekly) Reflexology treatment with Yossarian Fay over a course of 14 weeks. Not only did the reflexology effectively reduce the pain (that had been there for many years) but it also helped me sleep, giving my body & mind a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Only after a few sessions the results were incredible, Yossarian offers not only her expertise in reflexology but her ability to listen, to hear you, so she might better be able to recommend other courses of treatment. I was lucky enough to be taught 'tapping' and introduced to Bach remedies. I feel very grateful to have met Yossarian at Becoming Healthy.

Michelle (Kapiti)


Thanks so much Yossarian. We have enjoyed your masage class so much. It's really been one of the highlights of our week and it is so great to have another lovely tool for us to bond with.

Shells (Wellington)


Yossarian is a great facilitator, making us all feel welcomed and helping to create a lovely bond between all the mothers and babies. Her attitude is very welcoming, gently and loving.

E L (Kapiti)


Yossarian is incredibly friendly, very open and non-judgmental. She created a beautiful relaxed atmosphere and I really enjoyed the nice, slow pace with time to chat about what we're enjoying as parents and what has been a struggle. Loved the baked goods and teas too.'

K Marshall (Kapiti)


I have been going to Yossarian for Reflexology sessions after meeting her at a Woman's Expo. It has been such a beneficial experience. Yossarian is very professional,informative and empathetic. She has also introduced me to EFT and Bach Flower remedies all of which have really helped me in my current circumstances. I have recommended Yossarian to friends who also have found meeting with her very helpful.

L Langley (Kapiti)


Yossarian has provided our family with well-being support for several years, exploring 'triggers' for both physical and emotional issues and providing support, particularly through the use of Bach Flower remedies. 

When I first met Yossarian I was overcoming post natal depression, it was not only her remedies, but her ability to listen to the 'other stuff', approaching my well being holistically, that helped me through this. When our third child was born, remedies were fantastic in settling emotional outbursts from a jealous sibling. 

For the past few years I have struggled with 'accepting myself', resulting in stress, tension headaches and neck pain and insomnia. Add to this a busy family life and I was becoming a very grumpy person. Working with Yossarian has helped me shift my focus of 'blaming others' for my feelings, to work with myself, combining remedies with reflexology and gentle counselling. The reflexology has helped to release the physical pain and I am now sleeping more soundly. Our sessions have provided a space and place to question and change my patterns of thinking. This has created a more balanced mother and a more harmonious family life!

My regular monthly sessions with Yossarian are a 'treat for the feet', but also essential to for the soul. 

Dr. Yumiko Olliver-Gray (Wellington)


Yossarian's infant massage course was honestly one of the best things to do after having had a baby and I wished I would have done something similar when I had my other two children. It was not only a massage course which brings you close to your bubba, Yossarian also managed to create an environment where women can share their stories and feel respected and well looked after. She also provided healthy homemade snacks for morning tea.

K H (Kapiti)


Recently I attended a lovely afternoon with Yossarian Fay learning all about self-help reflexology, stress and emotions along with Bach Flower Remedies. This was the most informative time - Yossarian was so good at the way she imparted the information so we could all understand and then put into practice.

Yossarian has a very friendly manner which put each person at ease and it was brilliant to go away with all the information and techniques. It was so special to have Yossarian Fay share her knowledge with our group.

V Freeman (Kapiti)


I was wanting to change recurring negative thought patterns which in turn led to recurring negative behaviours. I found Yossarian not only very knowledgeable as a Bach Flower therapist, she also showed me great empathy, understanding and joy. The outcome of the consultations have supported me on my journey towards inner peace/love."

F Gent (NZ)


My husband and I have been using Yossarian’s TNT technique, from Magnificent Mamas E-course, for a couple of months now. My three things are very basic – such as drinking a cup of coffee in one sitting without getting up to do anything for the kids and keeping my car tidier.  As a mum with a baby and a 4 year old I have found drinking a cup of coffee without getting up the hardest to achieve but even if I don't manage it every day I think about TNT enough to remember that I do need to try and take a few minutes for myself. Keeping my car tidier means getting my 4 year old to help me bring his toys, backpack and artwork from preschool etc inside so Yossarian’s TNT is helping me, but also helping him to become more responsible.

When I have these three things mastered enough that they are a habit I will move on as I can think of plenty of other things I can do to look after myself better and Yossarian’s TNT technique will be the way to help me do this. I think it helps my husband is doing it too. I was impressed by his positive reaction when I first got him to read about it and while, like me, he doesn't always get his three things done every day, he gets them done a lot more than he did before we started it.

Victoria (Canterbury)


I am writing to express my thanks for the assistance and help Yossarian Fay of Becoming Healthy has given me over the past two years. Her ability to listen and be able to select the right formula of Bach flowers amazes me, which works on the problem presented. I am very satisfied with the help given to me by Yossarian.

There has been a great shift in my well-being both physically and psychologically without having to be dependent on pharmaceutical medications. I have great pleasure in recommending her services to those who require assistance towards their Health and Wellness.

J Aitken (Canterbury)


I recently had a consultation with Yossarian when my son experienced a sudden onset of severe eczema. In my heart I felt the eczema was emotionally triggered. He had just started school and although we explored many potential triggers, nothing else had changed internally or externally. The eczema was red raw and extremely upsetting to both my son and myself. Yossarian not only helped identify what was going on for my son but also looked at what was going on for me as his Mama and the impact of him experiencing something difficult that was out of my control. I always struggle when my babes are unwell - "getting better" becomes my soul focus. I am sure the remedy Yossarian provided contributed to my son’s eczema disappearing and not returning.

Yossarian was calm, warm and reassuring. She provided clarity, wisdom and hope in, what felt like, a desperate situation. Speaking with Yossarian is good for the soul. I feel so grateful for her knowledge and empathy and cannot recommend her more highly.

N Bishell (Wellington)


Recently our ladies group had a reflexology afternoon with Yossarian Fay. It was aimed primarily at stress relief and Yossarian demonstrated how to do reflexology on our hands. She have us comprehensive handouts showing reflexology points on both the hands and the feet. We had a fun, relaxing and informative afternoon. I would highly recommend her for a Reflexology consultation.

P Cross (Kapiti)



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