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Reflexology is a natural therapy which uses the ‘reflex points’ on the hands and feet, corresponding to parts of the body, as a way of clearing energy blocks. As such it is closely related to acupuncture in that they both work on clearing energy blocks in the meridians to improve health and wellbeing. After practising reflexology for almost 10 years I am yet to find a more relaxing way to heal!

Having Reflexology helps stimulate your body to come back into balance in a gentle way. Once in balance, healing can begin and many long standing 'issues' can be resolved. Best of all you get to lay back and relax because aside from anything else Reflexology feels GREAT! Let a session of reflexology help you improve your circulation, energy levels and relaxation.

Just as 'issues' take time to occur so does the healing process, for this reason it is suggested that at least 8 sessions are had. This allows the body to slowly come back into balance and good health. One session of Reflexology will feel great, however a course of eight to 12 will give the most benefit in help you becoming healthy, stress free and relaxed as your body gradually comes back into balance.

Within my reflexology treatments I combine Bach Flower Remedies and Emotional Freedom Techniques. If you wish to learn more about how reflexology can help you then check out these links; my article on the topic - The Power of Reflexology, my powerpoint  Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with reflexology or some of my hand reflexology and eft combos. If you're still in doubt then what about reading 'What the Research says about Reflexology'?

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60 min treatment = $80

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage treatment = $80

Gift voucher (for 60 min session) for a loved one = $80